A wheelchair is like a pair of shoes, it needs to be customised to the body, lifestyle and environment of its user.

Customised wheelchairs are really expensive, starting at around £2000. Once a wheelchair has been customised it can’t be changed but people’s needs are constantly changing.

Most people can’t afford as many customised wheelchairs as they have pairs of shoes! They are disabled by their wheelchair not by their legs.

According to the World Health Organisation over 70 Million people need to use a wheelchair, yet 8 in every 10 people cannot access a wheelchair that meets their needs.

The solution? Wheelwear: the first modular wheelchair that you can continually customise to your changing needs and preferences.

Our aim? The NHS or insurers will fund a basic set of modules. We will give wheelwearers the opportunity to buy additional leisure or fashion modules. Wheelwear provides an affordable alternative to buying multiple wheelchairs.

Disrupt Disability evolved out of a series of hackathons with wheelwearers, designers, innovators and makers as Rachael Wallach, our Founder and CEO, explains: