Hosted by the Royal Society of Arts and sponsored by the Global Disability Innovation Hub we are challenging students to design visionary, customisable, user-centered wheelchairs for our library of open source designs.

Entries must be submitted by 8 March 2017 for the chance of winning the £2,500 prize. Students are invited to address one of the following areas:

1. Want Your Wheels:

Changing perceptions of wheelchairs and wheelchair users. How can a wheelchair be an extension of the body, an item of fashion, or wearable technology? How can wheelchairs be desirable, aspirational lifestyle products? Responses are encouraged from any design discipline, including product, industrial, fashion, textile, speculative design, graphic, interaction and communication design. #HackOnWheels wants to see exhilarating visions for how wheelchairs and their users may look, feel, operate and interact in the future.

2. Wear Your Wheels:

Designing a modular wheelchair. How can we develop a modular system of interchangeable customizable wheelchair parts that will give users maximum choice and control over their wheelchair? How can a modular system enable users to tailor their wheelchair to their body, lifestyle and environment?

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